What Is The Difference Between Full Spectrum, Regular and CBD For Pain Relief?

If you were to ask a lot of people what their favorite pain relieving medication is right now, most people would say that it is OxyContin, but most people don’t know that there is another popular pain reliever out there called CBD for Pain Relief. Unfortunately, many doctors aren’t aware of this product, but it is becoming more common today with the rise of medical marijuana in many states. In this article we will compare the different types of CBD and reveal the difference between all three: full spectrum CBD, regular CBD, and CBD for Pain Relief. All three have their own set of benefits for those who suffer from pain, so it would be a great idea to see which one works best for your situation.

Full Spectrum CBD is by far the most common type of CBD available on the market today. It has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a medicine that can treat a number of different ailments. This type of CBD is found in most all types of hemp products, including clothing and other products. This is the most powerful form of CBD available on the market today and it can have a dramatic impact on those who suffer from chronic pain.

Regular CBD is a more diluted form of this type of CBD that can be purchased over-the-counter and can be found in just about any type of retail store. This type of CBD is usually less potent than the full spectrum CBD that you may have seen advertised on television or in magazines. This type of CBD is made by blending hemp oils together until the desired amount of CBD is extracted. The downside to this type of CBD is that it may not provide as much benefit as full spectrum. Most doctors and pain sufferers recommend that individuals start with the full spectrum form first before moving onto regular CBD, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be useful. There are some cases where CBD for Pain Relief is used for the pain itself and then taken as a topical pain reliever when pain is relieved with a sitz bath. Some people even have found relief from this type of treatment from being injected with the oil.

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