Pure Capsule Co. CBD Oil and Capsules Review

Pure Capsule Co. CBD Oil and Capsules Review by Leah Johnson at CBD Origin

Today I’ve got some really exciting products to share with you, right from the headquarters of Pure Capsule CBD! I’ll start off by saying that Pure Capsule Company specializes in gel capsules and oil drops, both of which are pure full spectrum CBD. While there is still a lot of incorrect information about CBD and THC as it relates to the hemp plant, Pure Capsule Company made it their mission to create a quality product that does everything they say it does. They have had their products tested and you can view the lab results on their website. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s take a look at the two products they specialize in: capsules and oil drops. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 750 mg

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 750 mg

First off, we have Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops. Each bottle contains 750 mg, and the recommended amount varies with every person. 

My opinion of the overall appearance of the product was that it is a premium product. The product’s color was a light purple/pinkish hue. The liquid was completely clear, and I could easily see the dropper tip markings with the liquid in it. It looked to be very high quality and the viscosity was consistent with every dropperful. 

 The product was extremely easy to use, from opening the bottle to squeezing the dropper to suck up the tincture. I give it a rating of 9, as there was literally no room for error in using this product. 


The flavor of the tincture is described as mint. When I opened the bottle, my nostrils immediately detected a rich and immediately calming aroma of mint, very similar to the scent of freshly crushed mint. Upon my first taste of the tincture, I did indeed taste a smooth and rolling flavor of mint. The scent of the tincture brought me back to snowy memories of Christmas peppermint, rich and calming. The texture was oily but not slimy. I found it easy to hold the tincture under my tongue for a few seconds, and was rewarded by a pleasant tingling on my tongue. Once I swallowed the tincture, the tingling sensation slid down my throat and left behind a lingering taste of the gentle mint flavor.

Overall, I would rate the taste a 9. I chose this rating because I would have liked a little strong mint taste, but that’s just because I love mint flavors. The minty flavor was slightly mentholated, but not overpowering. I was extremely pleased with both the taste and the scent of the tincture. 


The price of the tincture is listed on the company website, both as a one time purchase of $79.95 or a monthly subscription of $63.95. I believe this price to be very fair, as other tinctures on the market are priced similarly, if not higher. 

I would recommend this to a friend, certainly, because I believe that CBD is a product that is the target of extreme misinformation. It’s difficult to break the public away from the idea that CBD and THC are the same thing, or that CBD contains the hallucinogenic properties of weed. If I can turn someone towards CBD for its healing properties (and away from the risks of THC), I will most certainly do it.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Gel Capsules

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Gel Capsules

Let’s briefly take a look at the Full Spectrum CBD Oil Gel Capsules. While most of the information for the tincture and the gel capsules are the same, let’s briefly go over the price, function, appearance, and quality of the capsules.

Each capsule has 25 mg per capsule, and every bottle comes with 30 gel capsules. That equates to a whopping 750mg of CBD per bottle! The gel capsules are meant to be taken daily as a supplement, and aech bottle equals about a month’s supply. As such, you can either buy the capsules for a one-time purchase price of $69.95 or a monthly subscription of $55.95. Again, this price is very fair compared to other brands of lesser or equal quality, and many don’t offer a monthly subscription price! 

The function of these capsules are designed to be taken with your daily dose of vitamins, once a day as you need it. The appearance of these capsules are nearly clear with a yellowish tinge. A single capsule is small enough to be taken with a swig of water and is easily the same size as your pinky fingernail. The quality of each capsule appears to be high and professionally crafted, as each is smooth and firm enough to squeeze without popping, but soft enough to roll around in your mouth with ease. 

Effects and Benefits

The effects and benefits delivered by this product are difficult to measure, as CBD affects everyone differently, and the product contains a moderate amount of CBD compared to other companies. That said, I use the product primarily for stress and I do find that it calms me down and helps me to focus. For this reason, I give it a rating of 6. 

3rd Party Tested

The company provided a very detailed scanned document of third party testing of both the tincture and the gel capsules on their website. This was easily found on their website under the Testing Results Tab. Once you click on that tab, a PDF doc loads on the screen and you can read and understand the document as it is written in layman’s terms (no medical jargon, thank goodness!)

Pure Capsule Co Website

Pure Capsule Co. Company Information

As mentioned before, the name is Pure Capsule Company(https://purecapsulecompany.com/) and is located in Rochester, MI. It appears to be a subsidiary of Pure Food Company although not clearly stated anywhere on their site. 

Pure Capsule touts a 5 stars rating based on over 60 reviews from their website, but is practically invisible across all social media and third-party CBD platforms. While this can be a red flag in certain situations, I do suspect that Pure Capsule’s customers are happy with the products available. I still rate the company’s trustworthiness as a 10, as the site is full of information on how to use CBD, how CBD has helped the founder, and exactly what goes into each and every bottle of tincture. The site shows that the company genuinely does aim to help people with the aid of CBD. There is even a form to fill out if you have any questions or concerns with the product, which you can fill out right on the site or reach out to the company via regular snail mail. 


My final conclusion is that the CBD products offered by Pure Capsule Company are fairly priced, finely crafted, and genuinely intended to help the public. I was impressed with the designs of the bottles of both the capsules and the oil drops, as well as the quality of both products. However, I feel the company’s website design doesn’t quite match the premium standard their products set. 

 I was honored to review these products and would highly recommend both the tincture and the capsules to anyone in search of an excellent full spectrum CBD product. I look forward to the future creations of Pure Capsule Company and encourage you to try out their two existing products: gel capsules and oil drops!

The Review

Pure Capsule CBD Oil and Gel Capsules



  • Great Flavor
  • Transparent Company
  • Good Value
  • Great CBD User Guide
  • Unlimited use Coupon


  • Limited options for strength
  • Very few reviews on 3rd party Platforms

Review Breakdown

  • Quality

  • Flavor

  • Usage Experience

  • Price/Value

  • Company Background

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