LuxVite Uses Nanoemulsion to Improve Bioavailability of their CBD Softgels

LuxVite Uses Nanoemulsion to Improve Bioavailability of their CBD Softgels by Ryan Tengco at CBD Origin

As the CBD industry continues to develop, CBD products are becoming more sophisticated and researchers have found a new way to increase the degree and rate at which CBD is absorbed into the body, also referred as the bioavailability of CBD, with nanomulsion.

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be consumed through a variety of methods with products such as CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, CBD supplements, CBD edibles, and more. However, the bioavailability of CBD will vary based on the consumption method. Taken as a tincture, the most common form of consuming CBD oil, less than 20% of the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream after it is processed by our bodies metabolism.

However, recent discoveries have revealed a promising method for improving the bioavailability of CBD. 

Nevada-Based CBD company, LuxVite Naturals uses a technology known as “nanoemulsion” to improve the bioavailability rate of their CBD products. 

Keep reading to learn how nanoemulsion is used to increase the bioavailability rate in LuxVite’s CBD soft gels with Melatonin.

How CBD Gets Digested in the Body

CBD is typically offered in the form of oil because CBD prefers to mix with lipids (such as oil) instead of water. Unfortunately, when CBD is taken orally, it is subjected to something called the “first-pass effect.” In this effect, the enzymes in the body’s digestive tract, such as the liver, the stomach, and the intestines, digest the CBD molecules. This digestion, combined with a low rate of CBD absorption, means that very little of the CBD taken orally makes it into the bloodstream. Researchers have been working hard to find a way to increase CBD’s absorption and bioavailability. A new drug delivery method might have done exactly that.

The Development of the Nanoemulsion

Nanoemulsion has been used in the past to improve the delivery of various drugs to their targets within the human body. In nanoemulsion, an emulsion takes place on a microscopic scale. Typically, oil and water are combined with a stabilizing agent called a surfactant. This emulsion helps drugs reach their target by reducing the surface tension of the agents, stabilizing the mixture. In the past, researchers have used this technology to increase the bioavailability of certain drugs. In a sense, the mixture protects these drugs from being broken down until they reach their target. Researchers have already demonstrated that this technology is effective with CBD. A research study was published in a peer-reviewed, academic journal. This same technology is used in LuxVite’s CBD softgels.

Investing in CBD with Melatonin Softgels

According to the LuxVite, their CBD softgels are formulated to promote relaxation and improved sleep quality. Their softgels use the proprietary water-soluble nanoemulsion technology, which the company states can increase the bioavailability of their CBD up to 200% compared to oil-based CBD products. This technology ensures that the optimal amount of CBD is delivered to the body and the user is the most effective experience.

All LuxVite products are grown, produced, and manufactured organically in the United States. Each of their products contain a unique code that can customers can easily use to access the product’s lab analysis report.

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