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Arcata CA

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Located directly in the town limits of Arcata California, the beautiful redwood trees are protected in the Arcata Community Forest State Park. With a multitude of visitors coming to see one of natures, and one of North America’s most-treasured natural ambassadors, the giant redwoods. This green and lush location in Northern California deserves more than just a passing glance. The town of Arcata has so much natural beauty and great activities that will certainly keep every member of the troupe happy and occupied! Since the forest itself is located directly in the town, the options for a family vacation are immense. From bird-watching all the way to driving through one of the greatest physical entities that America has to offer, the giant redwood, family and solo adventurers will enjoy every second of the stay in northern California’s ‘Jewel’ of the Humboldt Bay area.

The 600 acres, that is Arcata Community Forest, offers a great wildlife habitat, and with the beautiful Pacific Ocean nearby, makes this location one of the most spectacular in all of North America. That’s saying a load since the United States is home to some of the most beautiful geological formations, such as the Grand Canyon and Pikes Peak, in the world. That’s what northern California is all about, superb and world-famous National as well as State Parks, crystal-clear, free-flowing rivers and streams, and the mighty Pacific Ocean. Add to this the geographically superb formula, the very soul of Arcata Community Forest, the giant redwoods, and the Humboldt County region, along with Six Rivers, and there it is a one in a million destination.

Arcata Community Forest is one of many beautiful and resourceful forest reserves, that make up the redwood park system. With locations all throughout northern California, this State Park system, is second to none in both environmental beauty and community resource utilization. The environmental beauty comes from the stunningly apparent and how could one miss, giant redwood trees. The community resource for this stems from the fact that only in Arcata Community Forests can the world-famous Arcata Marsh be seen, which is a project that uses the marsh-water to rid secondary treatment for the City of Arcata’s wastewater, while also improving the wildlife habitat and providing a great public recreational environment for all to enjoy.

With the multitudes of natural and outdoorsy attractions that are a big part of Arcata Community Forest, this environmentally-protected area, offers so much for the family to experience. From bird-watching, to trail-blazing, Arcata Community Forest has it all for every member of the family or group. There are campgrounds that look over one of the most majestic scenes in all of nature, the giant redwoods, as the sunrises each and every morning. With the town of Arcata located in parts of Arcata Community Forest, lodging and fine restaurant establishments are not rarities, but commonalities, in this spectacular northern California region. If a trip of a lifetime is needed, it is a quick drive over to Arcata Community Forest, where the magic of California’s North Coast, comes alive.

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