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There are four spectacular and developed campgrounds in Redwood National and State Parks that are some of the best in the State of California and quite possibly the United States. Three are located in the redwood forest and one is on the Pacific coast, right on the ocean! As normal for the northern California campsites, it is wise to register ahead of time as most parks require reservations anyway. In order to take advantage of the great physical environment one must also prepare for the emotional as well as physical needs of the entire family or camping party. Any trip to any Redwood National and State Parks system will be one that will be highly enjoyed and valued by the entire family, and can happen any time of the year, since this is, northern California.

Newton Drury Scenic Parkway

Roughly 20 or so miles from the town of Crescent City California, is one of the most beautiful byways that just so happens to run smack down the middle of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park! The best time to head over to Prairie Creek is, any time! Autumn is a great time since the leaves are changing and the groves are barren enough so that a great family walkabout can be had virtually anywhere along the scenic parkway route. Head on over to Newton Drury Scenic Parkway this weekend and discover what a real California coastal redwood family vacation has in store for you and yours!

Fern Canyon

One of the steepest canyons in all of Redwood National and State Parks is Fern Canyon. This breathtakingly beautiful canyon is just like heaven back into the pioneering days of the Gold Rush of 1841 in northern California. Fern Canyon is a wonderful stopover on the tour of the very cool California redwood region, and cannot be missed as it is one of the most stunning and stoic canyons in all of northern California. The reason why Fern Canyon is called ‘Fern Canyon’ is because there are two cliff walls that are covered in, well, ferns! See for yourself why Fern Canyon gets this great name and visit northern California’s coastal redwoods soon!

Gold Bluffs Beach

One of the best locations for a family picnic or a night under the stars and the big coastal redwood trees can be had at Gold Bluffs Beach. The waterfalls on and around Gold Bluffs Beach were the sites where five prospectors discovered gold dust in the sand and staked a claim many moons ago. Gold Bluffs Beach was the site where some of the first claims for that precious metal that launched the entire western seaboard into a different economic stratosphere, is now highly accessible and visited by thousands of gold seeking still tourist and adventurers. The gold has all but dried up and every now and then a small nugget will be found, yet the bulk of the mining veins were discovered long ago. One thing that there is in no short supply of and seems infinite, although we have learned that water resources are not infinite and need to be safeguarded and entrusted to the care and concern of California citizens and the government of California as well, is water. Some of the most breathtaking and beautiful waterfalls are found in Gold Bluffs Beach and, coupled with the proximity to the civic coast, makes this area a truly wet adventure-land! The easiest way to get to Gold Bluffs Beach is to head straight into West Ridge Trail and then turn right and there you are!

Elk Prairie

There are so many fun and environmentally-cool activities to do while in Elk Prairie like, watching Roosevelt Elk, that are indigenous to the area of northern California, graze on the tufts of bent-grass, that grow all around the prairie. Elk Prairie is located on the outskirts of Redwood National Forest and is home to some of the most beloved and photographed animals in all of northern California, the Roosevelt Elk and the Black-tailed Deer. Come visit Elk Prairie this weekend and see what all the run is all about!

Elk Meadow

Named for the Roosevelt Elk that frequent the area, Elk Meadow is a magnificent wildlife Mecca, right in the heart of beautiful Orick, California! The meadow is picture-perfect with glorious and ancient coastal redwoods, reaching up to the heavens in a fantastic display of their immense branches and stoic trunks. Elk Meadow is a wonderful, anytime of the year, vacation spot, and has plenty of campgrounds and nearby environmental wonders, that makes northern California a truly unique experience, for all.

Lost Man Creek

Do not be put off by the name, Lost Man Creek, as this creek has been found by all of those happy vacationers coming into the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, for fun and excitement. Lost Man Creek begins at the Lost Man Picnic Area and ends up flowing into the many tributaries of the Klamath River. This is a trail that is used extensively by avid hikers who come to northern California and the coastal redwood region for a great time and a chance to get away from it all. The Lost Man Creek area has great camping and fishing and is available at many access points, all throughout this wonderful and natural locality.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

This part of the California coastline was named after one of the most wonderful First Lady’s ever in the history of the United States Presidential family, Lady Bird Johnson Grove is such a location. Do not let the royalty of the name lead one off point, as this is one of the most down to earth and naturally beautiful environments in all of Northern California’s coastal redwood region. This ridge top features a gorgeous stand of some of the most beautiful old-growth redwoods, which have thrived in this general area, for over 20 million years. The redwoods bring in thousands of intrepid adventures, looking to learn a bit more about these ‘Titans of the West’ and maybe a little bit more about themselves as well. Any visit to northern California’s coastal redwoods has to include a day or two at least, at Lady Bird Johnson Grove, where the Presidency meets Mother Earth.

Redwood Information Center

As any good Boy Scout knows or Girl Scout should no, any family vacation trip or solo adventure should start off with a good plan and that can be accumulated at Redwood Information Center in Orick, California. Before venturing into any part of the Coastal Redwood National Parks are some, it is a good idea to stop in at this facility, located along Highway 101 approximately 40 miles from the wonderful town of Eureka California. With brochures and maps of all the California State Redwood Parks and National Parks as well, the Redwood Information Center is a perpetual fountain of information, and one that will make for a great family vacation after the visit to the center.

Tall Trees

Located at the southern end of the Redwood State Parks system in northern California, Tall Trees is accessible from the Redwood Creek Trail and the nearby town of Orick, California. Tall Trees grove is a beautiful, environmentally pleasing grouping of redwood trees that were created a long time ago, and to this day, have living descendents of the very first seedling, that appeared in lower redwood creeks banks. Tall Trees are a great addition to any Redwood National Park journey and one that cannot be missed.

Cal-Barrell Road

Cal-Barrell Road connects many of the most beautiful locations in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Cal -Barrel Road is a well-traveled avenue, which passes through some of the most spectacular and strikingly beautiful Rhododendron, on blossoms, which one can imagine. The beautiful blooms, especially during the springtime, give homage to the fact that such quality flaura and fauna; can only be found here at the redwoods national state park system in northern California. Plan a family vacation of a lifetime today and start the journey all the way to Cal-Barrell Road and then on to the Pacific!

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