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Garberville CA

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About Richardson Grove State Park...

This environmentally-stunning region of Humboldt County is known for a few things, one of those great things, is the Richardson Grove State Park area. The area was named after Friend W. Richardson, the 25th Governor of the State of California. Richardson Grove State Park is one of the most complete packages of all the coastal redwoods National and State Parks, as it has everything that the family vacationer needs and then some. From some of the best salmon and steelhead fishing during the winter, to camping and hiking, that is simply out of this world on Mad River, Richardson Grove State Park has it all, and will not disappoint even the most picky of natural, outdoors enthusiast. With such a close proximity to Eureka and Oregon, the State Park offers a birds-eye view and even an up-close and personal encounter, with some of the oldest living organisms, on the planet, and some of the largest, that has ever-grown, on planet Earth. When adventuring into Richardson Grove State Park, be prepared to have the most fun you have ever experienced in your lifetime!

Fishing is very big in the Richardson Grove State Park area, as some of the best catches of salmon and trout have been recently recorded by anglers from a faraway as Pennsylvania and Rhode Island! The angler in the bunch should be in hog-heaven as the steelhead salmon and the Pacific salmon seem too literally jump out of the water and to the boat are on land, as this is truly a ‘little piece of heaven!’ There are many areas in which to make a campfire for the night, with some of the best being right along the banks of the Trinity River. This river is one the most famous and for more than just a fantastic fishing opportunities. There is a little white-water action around Richardson Grove State Park and on Eel River, so the inner tuber and the kayaker will be busy battling the whitewater!

There is so much to see and do while in Richardson Grove State Park, it is hard to do everything in one visit! This is why many family adventurers come to Richardson Grove State Park only for a weekend or a few extra days, and end up staying for weeks on in. There are no abnormalities or problems at Richardson Grove State Park, as time and a loyalty to the green earth of northern California, has made an indelible impression on both the adventure and resident of this glorious area. Make sure that the entire family is dressed for rain, as this is a rather wet location being that the Pacific Ocean is only a few miles away and coupled with the famous northern California Parks system, it is easy to see why preparing to be a little wet is a good idea. Richardson Grove State Park has everything that the family vacation requires and then some! From the moment the first sneaker shoe is placed on the ground in this great coastal redwoods environment, the fun begins and will not end until it is time to go, if that time ever comes!

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