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Arcata CA

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Famous Headwaters Forest Reserve is 7400 acres of natural wonder and is full of giant redwoods! This untouched redwood grove near Fortuna California, has some of the world’s most spectacular and ancient redwood trees scattered about in its many pristine locations. Most of the older more mature redwood trees are 300 foot high and when we say mature we really mean it at 2000 years old! Alongside the giant sentinels of the forest, there are also several hundred species of native indigenous plants that will have the outdoor in to see is a wash with glee and excitement. The Bureau of Land Management creates and maintains all of the trails that are located in Headwaters Forest Reserve, and these trails have to be seen to be believed! The State of California Trail system is like no other on the face of the earth, there seems to be a passionate feeling that goes way beyond any monetary concern, for the environment, and this is especially seen in the northern California giant redwood location.

One of the few national services that offer guided hikes for no charge, not even a begging- donation, the California branch of the US Bureau of Land Management receives awards after awards for its fine work in not only protecting this environmental and economic tool, but also making certain that all the visitors that come to this location have a great time indeed. With so many sites to see and especially the 1500-year-old up to 2500 estimated-year-old giant red woods, it makes perfect sense to come to Headwaters Forest Reserve and start the journey of a lifetime. Try the best location in all of the wonderful northern California State park locations, and then you will be instantly transformed to the hero of the family, finally!

Many visitors, who come to Headwaters Forest Reserve, do so for the giant redwoods. No other location on earth has these giant trees, and the amazement one will feel when the eyeballs are set on the very first specimen, it is hard to explain in mere words. Imagine if one will, a tree that has a base, as wide as some apartment homes in Los Angeles County! Scientists and researchers have struggled to find out exactly what came about that created the environment that was destined to become home to some of the biggest living trees on earth, and have come up relatively empty. Was it the proximity of the Pacific Ocean and the nutrients that could be absorbed by the soil from only the ocean? Are maybe it was the nutrient-rich and dark soil that is noticeably altered in Humboldt County and other northern California locations, in contrast to the soil in say Oregon are central California? What ever the reason, what has happened now, is that there are a multitude of wondrous parks that showcase the giant redwoods in their entire splendor, and Headwaters Forest Reserve, is one of the very finest. Driving from San Francisco or Los Angeles into the forest of redwoods is an exciting encounter and one that must be done atleast once in a lifetime.

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